Conference on Constructive Approximation of Functions

From 29 VI 2014 to 5 VII 2014

Będlewo Palace

The conference will be focused on topics associated with different aspects of complex analysis, especially:
  • approximation theory,
  • constructive theory of functions,
  • pluricomplex analysis,
  • (pluri)potential theory,
  • polynomial inequalities,
  • holomorphic functions.
The conference will provide an opportunity for meeting of the mathematicians specializing in the research areas mentioned above. The aim of the conference is to present the latest research results, new proof techniques and progress in addressing known open problems. The participants will have ample opportunities to discuss their results and ideas. The intention of the organizers is to invite outstanding experts in the fields of research listed above to deliver plenary lectures.
Contact the organizer                                         Kraków, 2014
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